Zoo Themed Educational Resources for All Ages

Are you a teacher, parent, or caregiver exploring information about animals and zoos or creating a unit study or theme week for your kiddo(s)? Check out this list of favorite resources- including everything from books and documentaries to video games and children’s shows! On this page you’ll find a variety of ways to learn more about zoos, land creatures, and conservation. The suggestions here cover a variety of ages. Please preview any materials before sharing with your child(ren).

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Documentaries About Zoos, Animals, and Conservation:

Shows for Kids About Wild Animals and Caring for Earth:

YouTube Channels for Lovers of the Zoo and Cute Animals:

Books About Zoos, Animals, and Conservation for All Ages:

Wildlife and Nature Magazines:

Board Games with an Animal Theme:

Video Games with a Zoo Theme:

Web Resources with Information About Zoos, Animals, and Conservation:

Other Ideas:

  • Ask your local librarian for information and local resources
  • Check the websites of your nearest zoo for special programs and educational offerings, check zoo websites around the world for information, maps, and other resources
  • Search online for wildlife preserves, state and national parks, and nature centers in your area

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