Walt Disney World Family Vacation – Dinner at an Irish Pub

We’re in Walt Disney World! Finally off the plane and heading to the hotel! Join in as we get settled and go to a classic Irish pub for dinner. If you’re just finding us and missed me almost dropping my sleeping kid in the airport tram, start with the FIRST POST in this series.

We Finally Arrive

Luckily, Mini fell back to sleep on his daddy’s lap during the bus ride between airport and hotel so it was a peaceful ride. At the time of our visit, Coronado Springs was undergoing construction. They were building a new tower, reimagined lobby, and additional restaurant on the water, along with remodeling the existing rooms. That said, the drive up to the resort was not a pretty one, chain link fences and construction equipment everywhere, but everything else was still BEAUTIFUL.

Our arrival at Coronado Springs Resort was a flurry of happenings. Everyone hopped off the bus and grabbed anything stored beneath. (We had our stroller and I think my sister had her carry-on size luggage while everyone else in the family was using Disney’s luggage service and having their things delivered to the room.) We each went to the lobby desk and took care of our personal accounts- checking in, connecting a credit card to the room, and deciding whether or not we wanted to pass on housekeeping in exchange for a gift card (heck, yes),

Coronado Springs Resort
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Our view from the walkway outside our room!

the resort

From there we made a quick stop in the little hotel cafe to pick up our reusable mugs (included in the dining plan!) and a drink. Then onto the rooms! Deannise booked us preferred rooms so it was a fairly short walk and elevator ride to our digs for the trip. Take note, this is a beautiful but MASSIVE resort. Be sure to book that preferred room if you don’t want too far of a walk to the lobby and amenities.

toddler watching fountain at Coronado Springs Resort in Walt disney World
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Mini entranced by the fountains…

From my understanding, Coronado Springs is unofficially known as the business resort since it houses a large convention center. Although we passed the convention center daily and I noticed the business amenities, it didn’t take away from the experience for me. The Disney page for the resort says it “celebrates the daring spirit of the great Spanish explorers, artists, writers and architects” and it couldn’t be more true. The warm colors, architecture, and unique features create a top-notch immersive experience. Even the pool and playground area design draws inspiration from the Mayan ruins (more on that later).

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the rooms

And the rooms. I LOVED the remodeled rooms- very modern and clean feeling without losing the warmth and comfort you want out of a home away from home. Plus, Coronado Springs Resort has all the amenities to make a stay convenient and comfortable- free WiFi, coffee maker in the room, dressers and a closet, iron, dryer, safe, and a stash of toiletries- everything you need! On another note, we did not have tubs in our rooms, only showers. Double check before booking if you need a tub . Better yet, ask your travel agent to do it. Don’t have one? USE MINE. Deannise is the bomb- and FREE if you book with her services from the start. (No, she’s not paying me to say that. Yes, I really love her that much.)

Previously I’ve stayed at Port Orleans Riverside twice- once in the bayou and once in a royal room- and I’m not sure I could choose between there and this new Coronado. (Okay, if I had the option of the royal room, I’d probably go there again, but who can say no to a headboard with fireworks?)

Dinner Time!

burger from Raglan Road, exploration motherhood
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Time for our Irish Pub dinner…

For the first time since 4 am, we finally had some time to relax before dinner. Snacks and drinks were had in the rooms, magic band and cup DECALS were distributed, and we all settled in. We took the complimentary bus to Disney Springs when it was time and we were on our merry way to dinner. Our walk through the shopping district was direct and we got checked in at Raglan Road for dinner.

We've arrived at Walt Disney World!  Read from our travel journal as we check in to Coronado Springs resort and grab dinner at Raglan Road! #WaltDisneyWorld #Disneyvacation #CoronadoSprings #familyvacation #Disneytrip #Irishpub
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Honestly, the wait to get seated was pretty long despite having a reservation, but there was live entertainment outside and Raglan Road is always worth it. Our dinner was (mostly) traditional Irish fare, All meals were delicious and dessert was absolutely mouthwatering. Have you watched the video yet? You can see what Mini thought of the cream that came with the bread pudding at the end…

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irish dancing

Mini was pretty done by this point in our long day of sitting still and waiting. HOWEVER. Nothing can discourage my dancing man and he bopped along to the loud Irish music and was in awe when the dancers stepped onto the stage inside Raglan Road. Our Mini man even proceeded to exclaim “Me. Me. Me.” while pointing to the stage. (I can neither confirm nor deny that I was up Googling Irish dance lessons in our area that night.)

bread pudding at raglan road, Exploration Motherhood
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The really cool thing is that they actually do pull kids up on stage to join the performers. Unfortunately for us, the next kids’ performance was scheduled for about a half hour after we finished up and Mini was already at his limit.

We wandered back to the bus following dinner and rode back to the hotel. I think the others were originally planning to shop around a little but ultimately decided to go back and rest up for the next day.

And that’s the end of day one! Are you ready to hear about our first full day at Walt Disney World? It was a doozy- rainy and cold and SO MUCH FUN. Plus, it starts at another spectacularly themed restaurant. CHECK IT OUT.

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