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Welcome back to Orlando, Florida and our family trip to Walt Disney World! If you’re just joining us, head over to our TRIP PLAN to get all caught up. Otherwise, read on to hear all about our first full day in Magic Kingdom, starting with breakfast at Be Our Guest!

Our First day

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Day 2, our first full day in Florida, started early. We had a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest- and clearly you don’t want to be late for a meal in Beast’s castle. I’ve been to Be Our Guest before, but only for dinner, which is a table service meal while breakfast and lunch are considered quick service (very fancy quick service). You can choose to plan and submit your order ahead of time on the app but we chose to go the more traditional route and see what we were feeling when we got there. We got in the queue when we arrived, ordered and paid at the kiosks, and were seated all together at a table in “The Castle Gallery.”

be our guest experience

If you’ve never been before (or even if you have), the Be Our Guest experience is incredible. I say it’s a must-do meal for any Beauty and the Beast fan. As you enter, it really does look and feel like you’re walking up and into Beast’s castle to dine. Stroll up to the gates of the stone castle to check in and view it from afar atop the hill. Take the walk up the hill, enter through grand doors, and pass by the iconic stained glass windows (hello, photo op) as you get in line. The wait led us down a hallway lined with suits of armor and into a royal room full of ordering kiosks (this room becomes Beast’s meet and greet location for dinner). Then you’re seated in one of the incredibly themed dining rooms (the ballroom, west wing, or gallery) and served so you can enjoy your meal.

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family at Be Our Guest in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, exploratiion motherhood
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Our family enjoying breakfast!

the gallery

the rose gallery at Be Our Guest in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, exploratiion motherhood
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Mini and BE in The Gallery

Both times I’ve visited, I’ve been seated in The Castle Gallery. It’s possibly the least “exciting” of the rooms but I really enjoy it. The walls are covered in themed art and tables line the outer parts of the room since the center of the room features a life size Beauty and the Beast music box pair. In my opinion, this is the quietest room in the restaurant. The Grand Ballroom is huge and packed with families and The West Wing boasts impressive thunderstorm sound effects. The lower volume level in itself is enough for me to prefer the gallery room, especially since guests are welcome to roam the rest of the restaurant and take photos.

Our food was brought to us quickly and it was DELICIOUS- definitely a top notch breakfast, in my opinion! Our family feasted on an assortment of quiche, breakfast sandwiches, and other French inspired choices. Pappers even got a charcuterie tray. (He admits he was nervous when he first saw it but loved every bite and left feeling full.) A little side note here, guys, but the coffee was the PERFECT temperature on my scale. That’s rare. It deserves to be noted.

here we go on our rainy day

the grand balllroom Be Our Guest in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, exploratiion motherhood
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The Grand Ballroom

So, breakfast was a great start to the day but I forgot to mention the morning conditions; it was cold, windy, and raining. We hustled through the park to get inside to our reservation and the weather did not let up ALL DAY. Our next stop after breakfast was the nearest store to grab some ponchos before taking on the rain and heading down Main Street, USA for Mini’s hair cut. (Note: Ponchos at Disney World are expensive BUT they are high quality and last for a long while. We still have ours from 2 years ago. If you’re on a tight budget, though, bring your own. It’s Florida. It will rain.)

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