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Whether it’s a trip to the local library or a flight across the country, leaving home can be fun and freeing- and sometimes a little stressful. That’s why we’re here. We’re a real family showing our REAL adventures with REAL tips and “know before you go” information. We’re here to celebrate the average traveler and help get you out the door. We’re here to help you create an ENJOYABLE JOURNEY. Are you ready? LET’S GO!


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Everyone deserves an escape, some exploration, and a dose of adventure…

Getting everyone out of the house, even for a quick walk to the park, can be such a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively).
It can also be stressful.
Level that up to your first trip to Walt Disney World or a trip across the country for a multi-generational family vacation and sometimes it’s… a lot.

Don’t worry. No matter the situation- We’ve got you covered.

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Hey there!

Come on in. Grab a spot on the couch (or a yoga ball). Mind the plushies, they have assigned seats, and be sure you don’t trip on those Hot Wheels on the way over. We’re so happy to have you join us!

We’re Stacie, Matt, Mini, and Mace- the Enjoyable Journey family. We currently reside in Colorado after a cross-country move from Pennsylvania. We’re nature lovers, Disney fans, video gamers, Universal junkies, and bookworms (some of us more than others). We embody a collection of enthusiastic, sensitive, anxious, and wild explorers and our unique experiences are what encourage me to continue to share our adventures with others- because YES, you can travel, too!

When you’re here, expect kind honesty and a collection of personal experiences that I hope brings value to your home and travels. Welcome to the family!

We’re sharing because we’ve lived the experiences!

We’ve been there. On our own time and money. With our own kids. With excitement and anxiety, high expectations and let downs, absolute joy and rejuvenation… and we want to help you experience it, too. We aren’t here to sell you on doing what we do- we will help you find your own groove and perfect happy place!

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